Episode 9: Pivoting Personally and Professionally with Josh Mundy

CEO and Founder of Pivot Technology School Josh Mundy delves into the fearlessness, flexibility, and focus it takes to succeed as an entrepreneur.

The world of entrepreneurship can be filled with distractions. Entrepreneurs are creative people with big ideas pulling them in all different directions. Josh Mundy, the founder of many successful businesses, was no different.

But, on March 3rd, the businesses he thought would be his legacy were wiped off the map by a tornado. Instead of giving up, Mundy focused on rebuilding.

“Focus changed my life. When I focused, my mindset was to dominate the tech space,” said Mundy. 

Now, Mundy puts all his energy into making Pivot Technology, a tech solutions company, the best it can be. In this episode, host Elliott Noble-Holt and Mundy talk about the mindset of a boss and the successful paths fearlessness, flexibility and focus can lead you to.

Zeroing in on the success

Creativity in entrepreneurs is a spectacular and necessary skill. But, when creativity is not coupled with focus, that’s when businesses tend to crumble. 

Entrepreneurs should pour all their knowledge, skills, and attention into building one business as big as it can be. In his experience, Mundy found that juggling many different ideas can be a distraction from success.

“I was so stretched, I couldn’t focus on making one thing great,” Mundy remembered. “But, when I make that one thing great, I can expand off and make several strings of income off that one thing and not be pulled in so many different directions.”

It’s also important for leaders of a company to focus on what they can bring to a business. Bosses tend to think they need to handle each element of a business. But once Mundy started focusing his time on what he did best and delegating the rest of the work, his business began to thrive.

“You’ve got to put your ego to the side,” Mundy said. “I only focus on what I do well. I build relationships and I go sell. And then it’s up to my team to create and figure out this crazy thing I just sold to a company.”

For Mundy, the focus is just one ingredient in a recipe for growth. As a business leader and a boss, it’s important to look at what opportunities you have to make your impact even bigger — even if it seems scary.

Once you’re able to let go of the insecurities and fear that each boss faces, you can see a future for your company more clearly. Through focus and fearlessness, you can keep building on your success.

“I’m not scared to fail. I’m not scared to fall on my face and look like a fool,” said Mundy. “When I eliminated that fear, it was a game-changer.”

Adapting to disaster

Part of being an entrepreneur is dealing with risk. If 2020 has taught us anything, it’s that the world can change suddenly in unexpected ways.

Mundy says the only way for businesspeople to survive is to adapt.

“It always goes back to perspective,” said Mundy. “Life is going to happen. Something is going to happen every single time, and your response to that will determine your success.”

When Mundy lost everything to the tornado, it would have been easy to resign to despair or to question why this disaster struck him. Instead, the business leader put the situation in perspective.

Rather than dwelling on the past, entrepreneurs and leaders need to look at what they can control: their future.

“I could still be in a corner crying about spoiled milk, but no,” said Mundy.  “It’s happened. It’s time to move on. Let’s just keep pushing.”

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