Episode 5: Finding Fulfillment in the Workplace

Orlando Broady, Director of Disability Services at Medicopy, gives his advice on how to remain true to yourself in your workplace.

Long before Orlando Broady joined Medicopy’s team as Director of Disability Services,  he was working on finding his fit in the workforce. Growing up, his dreams varied from dancer to lawyer to restaurant owner. 

But Broady soon learned that the key to having a successful work-life was in self-acceptance. By identifying and embracing the qualities that make him unique, Broady is able to live authentically and apply himself to any role. 

In this episode, Orlando Broady and Elliott Noble-Holt share how self-awareness of your passions, skills, and work style can foster a better understanding of how you can contribute to a company — and simultaneously find fulfillment.

Assessing Your Strengths 

Time has shown over and over again that people with passion work harder. That’s why it’s important to take some time to evaluate your strengths, interests, and goals before you begin any role or project.

“I think professionally you have to sit back and assess yourself, assess your skills, what you want to do,” said Broady. “And then make a decision on how you’re going to do it, to obtain it and I think you can be successful. 

One of the best ways to get to know your skillset is to push yourself to your limits. By going out of your comfort zone, you can become better acquainted with what motivates and drives you.

“Challenge yourself. Do things that you normally wouldn’t do,” said Broady. “I would say find what your passion is. Usually, if I can find something that I love about a role or a job or an activity or a hobby, then I can excel in it.”

Once you have a better understanding of where you excel and how you work best, you can improve the way you work with others. You’ll be more equipped to communicate with others in teams. 

“Professionally, I’m always assessing myself, how I’m communicating with people, assessing who I’m working with and who I’m working for. I’m understanding there’s different personalities, different workflows or work methods,” said Broady.

Continuing Personal and Professional Growth 

Even if you already have a job you love, it doesn’t mean you’re done growing. CEO’s still have room to learn, change and adapt — just as much as their employees. You’re never too high up or too old to build up your skillset.

“I do what is necessary to grow,” said Broady. “I love learning. I don’t want to become stagnant or anything to become stale.”

This kind of mentality will lead to a more fulfilling work life. You should always keep an eye on the goals that you want to achieve — even if they change with time. The more you view yourself as a work in progress, the better you can become.

“I am doing what I love, I am surrounded by the people I want to be surrounded by,” said Broady. “In the years to come, you never know. I may be a totally different person than who I am now and that’s okay because, again, that’s growth. But at this time in my life, I’m exactly who I want to be.”

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