Episode 3: Providing the Right Support For Your Spouse

Donte Noble-Holt breaks down the key qualities you need to manage a lasting and loving marriage to an entrepreneur.

When Donte Noble-Holt tied the knot with the CEO of Medicopy, Elliott Noble-Holt, he knew that a marriage to an entrepreneur would present its own unique challenges to overcome.

But, by consistently keeping up an open line of communication, the couple has been able to maintain a healthy marriage while navigating the ups and downs of entrepreneurship. 

In this episode, Donte and Elliott Noble-Holt discuss how to preserve your commitment to support your spouse through candid conversations, quality time, and joint decision-making.

Continually Checking-In

After four successful years of marriage, Donte Noble-Holt attributes most of his marital success to an open line of communication between him and his spouse. It’s their willingness to have the hard conversations that have been key.

“I think that people don’t give it as much thought as they should. Communication always falls on the back burner and it shouldn’t,” said Donte. “If you don’t talk, then it’s all assumptions. You play mind games with yourself, assuming that ‘Oh, everything’s fine.’ Or ‘Everything’s bad.’ You really don’t know. You have to talk about it.”

With daily ‘check-in’s, the Noble-Holts keep one other involved and updated on their lives. By taking a daily walk together, the couple is always free to communicate their wants and needs.

“Sometimes, you need that alone time where the kids aren’t there, there’s no TV, there’s no phone. It’s just the two of you just walking or talking somewhere,” said Donte. “And maybe it’s something going on between the two of you that you guys need to iron out, but now you have good alone time to do this.”

This isn’t only a foundational element for marriages but for all partnerships. In order to have successful relationships in both the professional and personal realms, honest conversations have to be prioritized.

“It’s not just for you and your spouse, it’s for you and any significant other business partner, any friend, family member. You have to have that communication because, if not, then you really won’t know what to do or where to go.”

Inviting Input

Inclusivity is integral in helping to cement a successful two-way support system. Donte believes asking for your partner’s input on business can assist in further integrating your spouse into your life.

“I’m very grateful to say I’ve been in a position where I’m having input,” said Donte. “It doesn’t have to be something that’s so big. It could be anything from, ‘Hey, what do you think of this room? Should we do something different? Should we change up furniture? What do you think about this person that we want to hire?’”

This kind of collaboration can lead to a greater sense of balance in a relationship. By including your partners’ opinion, it can invite greater trust and clarity in joint decision-making.

“I value it. If we’ve picked each other for lifetime partners, husbands, to be together forever, obviously your professional opinion matters to me as well. Not just your personal opinion,” said Elliott.

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