Episode 2: A CEO’s Guide to Parenting Purposefully

Isa Noble-Holt shares what it means to have an entrepreneur as a father — and the kind of support and sacrifices necessary along the way.

Isa Noble-Holt’s dreams are big. We’re talking ‘be the next President of the United States’ big. That’s because she’s learnt a lot from her father and CEO of Medicopy, Elliott Noble-Holt, on how to channel her ambitions.

Having an entrepreneur as a father has taught Isa a lot about what kind of care and commitment goes into following your vision while also keeping your family close. Through honesty and communication, the Noble-Holt family stays connected.

In this episode, the father-daughter duo divulges their tips on how to cultivate meaningful relationships within the family while still paving your own path to success.

Cultivating Your Kid’s Confidence

Even as a high school student, Isa has a clear vision of what she wants out of her life. The ongoing support she receives at home plays a crucial role in her confidence.

“I think that growing up in our household, there wasn’t necessarily a ceiling or a cap on what dreams that you could have. I originally wanted to be a brain surgeon and there was no ‘You couldn’t do that’ or ‘That’s going to be a lot of work’. It was just, you can do it, you can make it happen.”

Isa trusts in her vision because she has watched her father do the same. From a very young age, she emulated his work ethic and adapted his motivation to make things happen.

“I think that when you get older, you start to have more grown-up conversations with your parents. And I saw how ‘Thoughts become things’ really was a huge part of my dad’s life and how he manifested a lot of the things that he currently has today with that quote.”

In order to be an example for your children, you need to be there with them. Even in the most hectic of work weeks, Elliott and Isa maintain their own rituals together. By planning one day of the week to be together, they check-in consistently.

“It’s been Waffle House Wednesday since I can remember,” said Isa. “That is our time together. So anytime that we go to Waffle House, it’s phones off. He may answer a call or two, should they come in, but it’s very much so our time and he will let everybody know that that’s the case.”

Being Upfront About Financials

Some parents avoid conversations about their financial situation with their children. But, communicating the realities of your economic situation can help to establish empathy.

“I think that being open and honest with your kids about financial situations can help everybody,” said Isa. “Then you’re not having to have this extra stress of why is my kid acting like a brat all the time and I know what’s going on, but they don’t.”

These honest conversations can help prioritize generosity. With a greater understanding of money, Isa is able to more fully realize the importance of giving it back to others.

“As far as giving, that’s always been a huge thing for us,” Isa said. “I know that anytime that we go anywhere, even something as easy as tipping the waiter more or giving huge, generous tips, I know that I’ve taken that.”

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  1. This is a great testimony to who Elliott is.
    As a dad as a CEO and as an amazing human being.
    I truly enjoyed this episode and look forward to more.

  2. Enjoyed the podcast! Great conversation coupled with great topics between you and your daughter. Your story shows hard work pays off!

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