Episode 1: Cultivating the Right Workplace Culture

Blake McConnell, Director of Operations at Medicopy, shares the tools he uses to promote better community and connection in the workplace.

Blake McConnell understands how important open and honest reciprocation can be to the culture of a company. That’s why, as Director of Operations at Medicopy, he directs his focus on opening up lines of communication between every single employee.

From start to finish, McConnell uses the simple but vital communicative tools of checking in, giving positive feedback, and listening closely in order to build a more productive and united workplace.

In this episode, Elliott Noble-Holt and McConnell talk honestly and openly about how to create core values that will lead to connectivity in the company.

Asking the Right Questions

A successful company’s culture begins before a prospective employee is even on the payroll. The interview process at a company should serve as the foundation for finding candidates with the right core values. In Medicopy interviews, McConnell focuses questions on what the interviewee cares about.

“I think it’s also important that from the C-suite that we know what makes people mad, our employees mad, what makes them happy. It’s important to know those things,” said McConnell.

These questions help to keep the lines of communication open between employee and boss — a key in a successful work environment, according to McConnell. One of the best tools to continue this practice is to check in daily with employees to create visibility and to form a better bond. 

“We have huddles every morning at nine. The employees gather together in a circle and you say what you did yesterday, what you have on your plate today…” said McConnell. “So that piece is important because, again, you’re opening those lines of communication. You’re letting your employees hear you. It allows us to help them.”

Medicopy also uses vision boards as a way to invest in employee professional and personal development. By asking sharing plans for future growth, McConnell believes everyone in the workplace can benefit.

“They’re excited to share with you how their personal lives are progressing. Whether it’s I’m buying a house, I’m getting married next year, or this has helped me reconnect with my parents or whoever, whatever it may be. You get to hear those stories. And I think that can be one of the most rewarding parts of working with them.”

Actualizing Company Accountability

Through quality work and persistent passion, Medicopy has established core values of integrity, service, transparency and excellence. But, the Health Information Management company has had to take active steps to defend that culture. One of which is ensuring workplace accountability.

“We’ve told them that they have the support that they need. And so when you say maintain a hundred percent accountability, all we’re really asking is to one, do your job and to communicate in the event that you need help,” said Elliott Noble-Holt, CEO of Medicopy. 

One of Medicopy’s strategies in achieving this level of accountability is continually checking in on employee work metrics — not just waiting until the end of the year review to address performance issues.

“Do not wait for annual reviews to tell people that they’re doing a bad job. Speak up 30 days, 60 days, 90 days before. That’s very important. Cause that’s keeping you accountable to maintain 100%,” said Noble-Holt. “Accountability is not just for employees. It includes you, C-suite.”

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